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One of the few books on the market that actually provides practical insight and techniques for handling encounters with an individual who is narcissistic. Most books focus almost entirely on how awful the narcissist can behave to the point of demonizing what is essentially a archaic defense mechanism learned in childhood. The author spends considerable time on what you, as the non-narcissist, get out of the relationship, how you pick up the other end of the rope, and the importance of understanding your own hot buttons (which narcissist’s are almost supernaturally good at triggering) rather than continuing the status quo by responding with your own defensive patterns that go nowhere but bad. This book is asking a lot of it’s readers; that they understand the concept of schemas and that they grow up emotionally and approach their life, and the narcissist’s they may love or encounter, from a place of strength, knowledge, maturity, and wisdom. If you want another book that outlines how horrible narcissists are and how you are their unwilling victim, you will not appreciate this book. If you are willing or interested to learn about yourself and looking at your own part of the dance, such that through your own growth and modeling the relationship, even with a narcissist, has a chance to improve, then this book is for you. Bravo.

Very worthwhile message for those willing to work hard.
By SmartCookie (Sonoma, CA)