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Tom Benson

Tom Benson

Location: Seattle, Washington, Washington
Phone: (206) 604-1620

About Tom Benson

I am a licensed mental health counselor and advanced certified schema therapist in private practice in Seattle, Washington. I bring a creative and no-nonsense problem-solving approach to therapy. This comes from a diverse work experience as a mental health practitioner, aerospace engineer, and independent professional artist. My main areas of focus are anxiety, depression and anger. I don’t just sit, listen and nod. We talk. I actively engage you in the therapeutic process to help you make the real, permanent changes you want in your life. I won’t encourage you to merely “think positive.” Most of us have already tried that and it usually leaves us frustrated and more discouraged. Figuring out why you are the way you are can be interesting and even enlightening, but it’s worthless if you’re still experiencing the same emotional pain. I work with you to make changes in your life that you want to make. Things don’t have to stay the same.