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Ruth Ann Harpur

Location: United Kingdom, United Kingdom

About Ruth Ann Harpur

Dr. Ruth Ann Harpur is an experienced clinical psychologist, qualifying in 2009. She has primarily worked with people with personality disorders and other complex mental health conditions in community and inpatient mental health settings. 

Her private practice is focused on helping individuals and couples break longstanding destructive or unhelpful relationship patterns and develop more fulfilling relationships based on mutual compassion and trust. She works with those who are surviving or have survived relationships with a narcissistic partner, including those who have experienced narcissistic abuse. She also works with people who identify as narcissistic and finds this to be rewarding work for those who have the courage to embark on this journey. She trained in cognitive behaviour therapy at the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre and in schema therapy at the Dutch Institute for Schema therapy. She is directly supervised by Wendy and is profoundly grateful for Wendy’s support and mentorship in developing skills to undertake this demanding and rewarding work.