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Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner

Location: San Francisco, CA, California
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About Robert Gardner

What was it like in your family growing up? How were emotions handled? How are your relationships now? Like many, if not most people, you probably wish it could be different in at least some crucial ways. It’s very puzzling that even the most well intentioned and loving family members or partners just don’t behave in the ways we need. And, often, somehow, no matter how hard we sincerely try, what we do and feel, just doesn’t bring the response we want. Often, we don’t even know exactly why things got so painful and unhappy. What I can offer is a balance of listening and offering tools for you to develop the relationships and effective and satisfying daily life you are wanting. One method that I use is Schema therapy for discovering and transforming deeply held beliefs and patterns of behavior. I also include Gottman and EFT couples methods. The Interpersonal Neurobiology concepts of Dr. Daniel Siegel also inform my sessions. Additionally, I practice Hakomi experiential and mindful therapy principles such as supporting your organic inner wisdom toward healing. Call for free initial consultation.