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Dealing with a narcissist is inevitable for most of us, whether it be a narcissistic spouse, a colleague, or a boss. Therefore, knowing how to how to handle a narcissist is something we all need to learn how to do. If you know one, or spot signs of this behavior, there are ways that you can get a handle on your experiences. And take your power back!  I got to speak to the world’s leading authority on narcissism, and I could not be more psyched to share this interview with you! Wendy Behary is the author of the internationally bestselling book, Disarming the Narcissist. We discuss: – What narcissism really is (it’s not what most people think)! – Symptoms of narcissism. – How to deal with covert narcissism in your life with love and grace – whilst protecting yourself. – Empathy vs. compassion. – The 4 Masks or types of narcissism. – What is a schema? – How understanding your own triggers protects you (this is surprising – and life-altering)! – Setting boundaries with a narcissist. – Why it’s OK to lie to a narcissist if you have to. Her book changed my life, and this conversation is pure gold! This information could save you in many ways. With love, 💕 Susie Xo