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Olivia Thrift

Olivia Thrift

Location: United Kingdom

About Olivia Thrift
I am a UK registered Counselling Psychologist although I moved to Northern California in 2017. I received my advanced certification in schema therapy in 2014 and am also trained in DBT, CBT and Compassion Focused Therapy. I have worked in diverse settings including the NHS, prison/forensic services as well as private practice and specializes in working with people with a diagnosis/traits of personality disorder and complex trauma. I am currently in the process of obtaining my California Psychology license and am thrilled to be working as a consultant to the California Schema Therapy training program as well as for the San Francisco DBT Centre. Furthermore, I am the founder of The Psychology Company, a UK based psychological therapy practice specializing in Schema Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy and ACT. I continue to run this practice remotely and still offer UK clients the opportunity to work with me online. I am a certified schema therapy supervisor and can provide schema therapy supervision to psychologists/therapists from across the globe looking for schema therapy supervision. In addition to my psychological therapy work I am a qualified mindfulness meditation and yoga teacher.  I am passionate about integrating yoga, mindfulness and compassion related practices into schema therapy and co-authored a chapter entitled ‘Developing a Compassionate Mind to Strengthen The Healthy Adult Mode’ in the book Creative Methods in Schema therapy.