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Are you co-parenting with someone who you suspect to be a narcissist? If you would like to find out if this is actually so and what you can do in that case, listen in to today’s show, with Robbin’s expert guest, Wendy Behary, who has a really deep understanding of narcissism, having worked with narcissists for more than twenty-five years and find out how to deal with the situation.

Wendy, who has a private practice in Springfield, New Jersey, is the author of the book Disarming The Narcissist- Surviving and Thriving With The Self-Absorbed. As a trained psychotherapist, she spends most of her time educating the general public and other clinicians around the world about how to work with the very challenging narcissistic client. She also teaches people how to deal with narcissism in their lives. Wendy stumbled on this as her specialty, through her curiosity about her own reactions in the treatment room, when she was confronted with narcissists. She found herself reacting as she would have as a little girl – caving in and apologizing, rather than responding as an adult therapist. This was a start to her adventure of learning and teaching about narcissism. Listen in today and to find out more about how to handle the narcissistic behavior of a co-parent and set yourself free from the associated drama.

Today, Wendy and Robbin discuss:

  • How to identify someone who is narcissistic.
  • Gaslighting- What that means.
  • The impact that narcissists tend to have on those who are close to them.
  • The difficulty of raising children within a narcissistic relationship.
  • Wendy’s advice for single parents who are raising children with a narcissistic co-parent.
  • The use of empathic confrontation when dealing with a narcissist.
  • How understanding narcissism helps you to deal with narcissistic people.
  • What empathic confrontation looks like.
  • Why many people tend to avoid confrontation.
  • That the motivational driver is not to change the narcissist, but rather to change yourself in your responses to them.
  • How you can help your kids to deal with a narcissistic parent.
  • How you can model for your kids by empathizing with their situation.