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This is the last episode of Season 1 and I want to thank all of my listeners who have joined in with the journey over the past 10 months. 

Today is not just any episode or interview – in fact, really, none of them have been that way but this one is incredibly important and special. 

On December 17, I was reading what was I believe my third book in a month on narcissism because even though I didn’t see it even then – still trapped in a narcissistic relationship that, as I would discover in the next year of therapy – was extremely traumatizing – even more so than I knew – of course until I tried to leave it all behind and couldn’t shake it off for months and months. 

I NEVER knew or believed up until this book on that day in December a year and a half ago that I was actually attracted to THEM, perhaps just as strongly as they were attracted to me. 

And, up until that day – while I walked around like everyone else with our bag of bad childhood experiences and memories – my mantra was the “Past is the past. It has nothing to do with what you do today.”  And I realized in a flash when I read the words “childlike and powerless” in a paragraph on page 63 of the book – that I was wrong. 

Those memories were everything. 

And in the course of the last year, as many of you have listened along the way, you have heard me describe resetting dip switches in my brain as the healing has been happening – well this was the first dip switch to click into place. 

From there, I traveled into the world of childhood trauma, emotional neglect. I started therapy less than month later and went every week for 3 months. And I adjusted the sails on the boat immediately with my children when I realized that if I didn’t correct myself right then and there – I would be planting similar experiences and memories into THEIR brains. 

I couldn’t change my past BUT I could change their future. And this is why this show, One Broken Mom, exists today

So, today, to say its an honor is an understatement to have with me Wendy Behary – the author of the book that literally changed my life –  “Disarming the Narcissist”. Because it seems to fit to end my first season at the beginning of the story. 

In this episode you will hear us talk about: 

1. An overview of the narcissistic personality

2. Schemas & Scripts and how they are created and the work of Jeffrey Young in the treatment of the Narcissistic personality disorder.

3. How these Schemas and scripts drive some of us to co-habitat with Narcissists over and over again. 

4. What are the Personal Traps we fall into with narcissistic people

5. How some of us ‘chose’ even subconsciously to be with a manipulative or abusive person and how this happens 

6. The other ways that the maladaptive schemas that link us up with Narcissists hurt us in other areas of life and with other non-Narcissists

7. What kind of work should someone do on themselves first before they tackle trying to manage a relationship with a narcissist