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Narcissists. For some of us, their daily presence in our lives wears us down and tears us apart. For others, we watch them from afar and are completely confounded by the human destruction they leave in their wake. The complexities of the narcissist can arouse our curiosity, but facing them can arouse our sense of inadequacy and frustration. Want to learn what makes them tick and become more adept at dealing with them? This week, we brought back three-time Parlay House speaker and longtime member, Wendy Behary who is an internationally-recognized expert on narcissism, and author of the bestselling book: Disarming the Narcissist. Her previous events always sold out completely and have been a Parlay House favorite for years. Since most of us seem to have narcissistic people somewhere in our lives, we’re welcoming Wendy back to the Parlay From Away stage to help us learn what makes a narcissist tick, how to deal with them, and how to thrive despite their disruption.