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Are you married to a narcissistic partner? Do you feel like your partner constantly takes advantage of your kindness? Does your partner want lots of praise from you, but rarely gives you any positive feedback?

Are they charming and engaging… but they hold grudges, and refuse to accept any fault when things go wrong?

Do you ever wonder if your partner is simply being selfish, or whether they might be a narcissist?

And if so… what the heck do you do if you ARE married to a narcissist?

Is a great relationship possible?

Can you help them change?

What do you need to do to protect yourself from being hurt, or taken advantage of?

Today, I’m talking to Wendy Behary, MSW, LCSW. She is the founder and director of The Cognitive Therapy Center of New Jersey and The New Jersey Institute for Schema Therapy.

Wendy has co-authored chapters and articles on schema therapy and cognitive therapy. She is the author of “Disarming the Narcissist…Surviving and Thriving with the Self-Absorbed.”

She has a specialty in treating narcissists and the people who live with and deal with them.

She lectures both nationally and internationally to professional on schema therapy, and the subject of narcissism, relationships, and dealing with difficult people. Her private practice is primarily devoted to treating narcissists, partners/people dealing with them, and couples experiencing relationship problems.