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After a year of lockdown and isolation, coping with illness and loss, limited connections, limited resources, dealing with narcissistic partners, and narcissistic co-parents (who already had trouble abiding by limits, and managing self-absorbed behaviors, even prior to COVID times). Yes, it’s been a challenging year for self-care and for maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle. For so many… reemerging and reconnecting has been fraught with exposure to the challenges of sluggish bodies and traumatized emotional systems. As we emotionally work to reflect on the grief of the past year, resolve the hurts, and prepare to navigate the future, we can also fortify the healing process by focusing on how we fuel our bodies; reexamine our relationship with food and the habits formed to soothe us in stressful times–Ironically, habits that also perpetuate chronic cycles of stress and despair. Please have a listen to my interview with a renowned health coach and wellness expert, Debbie Janoff, CINHC, AADP, as we explore the emotion-nutrition connection. Warmest Wishes, Wendy

Debbie Janoff, CINHC, AADP
Certified Wellness Cooking Instructor, Certified Thyroid Coach