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Bob Jaskiewicz

Bob Jaskiewicz

Location: Montclair, NJ
Phone: (973) 509-8879

About Bob Jaskiewicz

A psychotherapist and co-owner of Montclair Health Associates who is involved in on-going education at the Schema Therapy Institute in New Jersey, formerly trained at the Institute for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy; Couples Work training at the Relational Recovery Institute in Cambridge and the EMDR Institute-training for treatment of trauma. “I also have a clinical hypnosis specialization and certification from the Milton Erickson Institute and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. I have presented classes utilizing hypnosis for trauma, pain management, sports peak performance, anxiety reduction, quitting addictions, especially smoking, and improved sleep. I have trained graduate students and taught graduate-level psychology classes at Rutgers University, including a study of anxiety disorders in the class The Psychology of Anxiety, which I developed. I work with people on many issues including relationships, attachment problems, depression, trauma, anxiety, panic, phobias, happiness training, East-West methods of mental health, including Mindfulness—and beyond, and mind-body health issues, especially emotional eating and weight management.”